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Flower Vintage Bundle

These fabulous vintage flower illustrations have come from books published in the 1800s.

The handpicked flowers have been carefully colored corrected to look fresh and new. The backgrounds have been removed by carefully using the eraser tool around every edge (not the wand tool). The edges are crisp and the illustrations are free from debris.

Vintage flower graphics can be used for many projects like wedding invitations, cosmetic packaging, sublimation on mugs or t-shirts, and don’t forget those social media essentials!

// Specs
• PNG File Type
• Transparent Background
• 8 x 10 inches @ 300 PPI (DPI)

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Spanish Poppy Watercolor
Datura Metel
Flowers: Vintage Pansies
Standard of Flanders Rhododendron
Pink Mountain Peony
Madonna Lily
Yellow Climbing Lily
New Tuberous Begonia with Double Flowers Watercolor
Queen Victoria Camellia
Yellow Amazon Rose
Queen Crowned Daisies Watercolor
Mourning Iris
Balsam Camellia Watercolor
Turban Ranunculus
Fancy Pansies
Gladiolus Primulinus Watercolor
Striped Tubed Amaryllis Watercolor
English Iris
White Collebeato Japanese Camellia
Redoute Watercolor Flower Bouquet
Sweet Peas Watercolor
Chinese Magnolia
German Iris
Crown Imperial Lily
Pink Chinese Peony
Ranunculus Bouquet
Hundred Leaf Watercolor Rose
Hybrid Ixias
Hydrangea Hortensis
Dunlaps Japanese Camellia
Bird of Fire Canna Watercolor
Abutilon Sinense Watercolor
Cape Honeysuckle Watercolor
White and Scarlet Gladiolus
Alphandi Plum Blossems Watercolor
Caucasean Scabious
Camellia Reticulata
Japanese Anemone Watercolor
Rubrum Lily
Ipomoea Admiral Grasset Watercolor
Yellow Wallflower
Hydrangea Black and White Flower Clipart
Madame Edouard Herriot Rose
Tricolor Plumeria Watercolor
Plumbago Watercolor
Ondian Clock Vine
Tricolor Tillandsia Lindenii Air Plant Watercolor
Narbonne Flax Watercolor
Mathotiana Japanese Camellia
Fortunes Double Yellow Rose
Varieties of Anagallis Grandifl Watercolor
Canna Lily Indian Shot Watercolor
Flowers Black and White – Choke-Cherry
Rose Constance Watercolor
New Zonal Geranium Watercolor
Dutch Carnation Watercolor
Double French Ranunculus Bouquet
Cup of Beauty Camellia
Cypripedium Gaston Bultel Watercolor
Scarlet Flowered Georgina Watercolor
Peach Blossom
Leda Alba Japanese Camellia
Laceleaf Watercolor
Single Colored Dahlia Watercolor
Pavonia Cruenta Watercolor Flowers
Petunia Bouquet Watercolor
Watercolor Geraniaceae Flower
Calla Lily
Crimson Topaz Young Male Hummingbird
Centifolia Japanese Camellia
Darwin Tulips
Spanish Daffodil Watercolor
Japanese Golden Ray Lily Watercolor
Dahlia Douglas Tucker
Red Gladiolus
German Iris Watercolor
Golden Calla Lily Flower Illustration
Herlequin Flower Mix Watercolor
Double Zinnia Bouquet Watercolor
Hybrid Remontant Watercolor Rose
Scarlet Hybrid Rose
Gladiolus Primulinus Watercolor
White Trillium Watercolor
Daffodil Bunch
Prince Albert Rose
Early Double Tulip Toreador
New Multiflorous Begonia Watercolor
Giant Passion Flower
Double Red Officinal Peony Watercolor
Pluriflorous Tulips Watercolor
Pink Cabbage Rose Watercolor
Watercolor Rose Bouquet
Southern Crabapple
Princess Clotilde Camellia
Soleil D or Rose Watercolor
Yellow Flowered Tigridia
Carnation Varieties
Rose Jonkheer
Abel Chatenay Rose Watercolor
Double Wallflower Clover Watercolor
Carnation Eeillet Louis Napoleon
Gladiolus Cruentus Watercolor
Madame Scipion Cochet Rose Watercolor
Primula Auricula Watercolor Flower
Turquoise Ixia
Mountan Peony Watercolor
Heliconia Fire Flash Watercolor
Crosby Peach Blossom
Hybrid Iris Watercolor
Cypripedium Germaine
Watercolor Iris
Conte Egmont Japanese Camellia
Curles Tree Peony Watercolor
Double Flowered Cinerals
Rose of Orleans Watercolor
Crown Imperials Flower Illustration
Peach Blossom Double Flowers Watercolor
Red Charm Peony
New Tuberous Begonias Watercolors
China Aster Watercolor
Franklinia Alatamaha
New Iris Varieties Watercolor
Les Rosati
Pale Iris Watercolor
Verchaffeltiana Japanese Camellia
Pulicaria Odora Watercolor
Pink Orchid Aerides Crassifolium Watercolor
Spanish Iris Watercolor
Japanese Poppies Watercolor
Marie Morren Camellia
Dahlias Watercolor
Yellow Daffodil Watercolor Flower
Rogiera Cordata
Pink Lyn Rose Watercolor
Yunnan Peony
Pink Cyme Rose Watercolor
Creeping Baby’s Breath
Potentilla Menziesii
Corn Poppy Watercolor
Cinquefoil Watercolor
Anemones Double Flowers
New Gladiolo of Lemoine Watercolor
Spanish Iris Watercolor
Snowball Haydn Hyacinths
Rose Lady Watercolor
Princess Ulika Cattleya
Delavay Peony
Hybrid Delavay Peonies
Princess Frederick William Camellia
Princess Marie Camellia Watercolor
Broad Leaved Penstemon Watercolor
Purple and White Hyacinths
French Rose Watercolor
Eillet Carnation
New Cannas Watercolor
Single Carnation Watercolor